Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Steps for Ensuring a New Home Is Mold-Free

Image of a happy family after mold inspection of their houseWhen buying a new home, mold can be a dealbreaker. This hidden health hazard compromises the home's air quality and can make residents ill. Here are the steps homeowners should take to ensure that the property is mold-free before settlement, including a mold inspection by a qualified professional.

1. Be Aware of Risky Areas

Mold spores begin to grow in areas with moisture. Therefore, it is common to find mold in homes
that have leaking pipes and faucets, damp basements, spaces that have flooded and never dried completely, walls that are tightly sealed and trap moisture, and rooms with poor ventilation.

2. Look for Telltale Signs

When shopping for a home, buyers should be aware of the factors that create optimal conditions for mold to grow. In any home under consideration, conduct a cursory mold inspection by checking for water stains or marks on the walls or ceiling, standing water in the basement, and musty smells, especially in areas with plumbing. Homes built with synthetic stucco require additional diligence since mold can grow within the walls if improperly installed.

3. Schedule a Home Inspection

After making an offer, buyers are entitled to a thorough home inspection, which should include a basic mold inspection. Ask the inspector to include information about noted water damage or potential mold in his or her report.

4. Ask for Disclosure

While sellers in Massachusetts don't need to disclose information about mold in the home, buyers can still ask the seller and his or her agent for this information. In addition, it is prudent to ask whether the home has ever flooded or had other water issues.

5. Add a Contingency

A buyer who wishes to make an offer on a house but is concerned about the potential presence of mold should add a contingency that allows them to back out of the deal if mold is found during a professional mold inspection.

Taking these five steps will help buyers ensure that they'll be happy and healthy in their new, mold-free abode.